Recommended Places

1. Asolo

Restaurant Bistrot

Harmony and style characterize the restaurant. The wise use of colors and combinations create a welcoming atmosphere. The "mise en place" is at the service of creativity and expression of their personality.

From the tablecloths, dishes and glasses, there is a strong desire to express their freedom and characterize their table with unusual additions out of order, harmonizing the service and getting the perfect blend between elegance and informality. The Mediterranean cuisine of their Master Chef, recalls those that are the components and the emotions that have always been at the base of Italian food. The respect for their genuine flavors, the great care in the choice of components and the total dedication to the preparation, places the food in the restaurant Bistro to a higher level.

The Cantina Bistro offers a wide choice of wine recommended by the best sommelier of the place.


Ristorante Bistrot  

Via Pietro Bembo, 85 - Asolo (TV)


Tel: +39 0423/529592

Cell: +39 349/4943423


Opening from 18:00 - Closed on Sundays (open on reservation)

Caffè Centrale

Active since 1796, "Caffè Centrale" has written the history of the city. It was once frequented by renowned personalities such as Carducci, D'Annunzio and Eleonora Duse, Robert Browning, Ernest Hemingway, Henry James, Hugo von Hofmansthal, Arnold Schoemberg. The bar was born as "Company of the Casino", the cultural circle according to the fashion of the vintage French coffee and two of its members conspired against Napoleon in 1808. In 1839 the bar had the "license policy of" café. The entrance, the rooms, the wall the seats and the tables original. It's a quiet and refined bar, ideal for those who want to spend an hour relaxing in a corner full of history.


Caffè Centrale

Via Roma, 72 - Asolo (TV)


Tel: +39 0423/952141


2. Venezia - Venice & Burano

Ristorante "Da Romano"

Half an hour from Venice in the middle of the lagoon, there is the wonderful island of Burano, famous for the art of lace and the colorful houses of the fishermen. Here, in the early years of the '900, Romano Barbaro opened a tavern for the locals and for the first tourists . In 1910 arrived on the island the first painters and that are charmed by the magic atmosphere of this place and " Da Romano " will become their refuge. Usually the artists didn't have money and paid the restaurant with some of their sketches that have been preserved and are still hanging on the wall . In the restaurant "Da Romano" you can taste the typical cuisine of the lagoon. Some of the personalities who have eaten at this restaurant are : Charles Chaplin , Keith Richard , Renato Carosone , Maria Callas, Robert de Niro, Philip Starck , Mario Soarez (President of Portugal) , Mauren Reagan ( U.S. President ) , Ernest Hemingway , John McEnroe and many others..


Trattoria "Da Romano"

Via S.Martino DX 221 - Burano (VE)


Tel: +39 041/730030

Fax: +39 041/735217


3. Marostica

Osteria Madonnetta

Osteria Madonnetta, is perhaps one of the most genuine restaurant in Veneto.Since it opened in 1904, it has been run by the same family for generations and looks like a handsome rustic living room. When you enter the door, you feel transported into the past.

The Madonnetta has been a destination for travelers, refreshment point for soldiers in World War I and a hospitable place for the American writer E. Hemingway. Madonnetta has always been, in its hundred-year history, a fascinating meeting point for everyone, in the name of an exciting game of cards, a lively conversation and a good glass of wine.

The atmosphere entering the Madonnetta is familiar, warm and inviting.



Osteria Madonnetta 

Via Vajenti, 21 - Marostica (VI)


Tel: +39 0424/75859 


*closed on thursday

4. Bassano del Grappa

Agriturismo "La Casa Rossa"

Casa Rossa is situated in a plain between the hills crossed by the river "Silanetto" in place a called the Waters of St. George. On the farm are growning with environmentally friendly techniques vineyards, olive groves, lawns, cereals. In the new barn there are cows, pigs and farmyard animals. The structure retains the characteristics of the'30s self-sufficient italian farms. The Moro family restaurant offers a simple tied to the traditional cuisine of Bassano. Unmissable in the period from April to June, the menu dedicated to the white asparagus of Bassano. We offer delicious and plentiful snacks and you can buy our products: Extra virgin olive oil made in the foothills of the Grappa, wine and "sopresse" (sausage).


Agriturismo "La Casa Rossa" 

 Contrà San Giorgio, 57 - Bassano del Grappa (VI)


Tel: +39 0424/501628